Quoting And Replying

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Quoting And Replying

Post by TssCman123 on Sat Jun 15, 2013 7:04 pm

There are two types of post editors...the full reply, and the quick reply.

This is the quick reply:

This is the full reply:

The quick reply is located right after the last post of every page of a topic.  The full reply can be used by clicking the  button.

The quick reply has less buttons than the full reply.  All of the basic, commonly used buttons are present on the quick reply.  The basic buttons, along with the bullet/number lists, line break, paste unformatted text, table, Dailymotion video, flash content, subscript/superscript, left/right scrolling, WOW (World of Warcraft), and random buttons are present in the full reply, as shown below:

Here are the quick reply buttons:

Here are the full reply buttons:

If you are using quick reply, then press the button you will be redirected to the preview on the full editor.  From there, you can send the post.

You cannot create a poll, calendar event, etc in quick reply.  New topics have to be made in full reply.  Quick reply should just be used to type a simply post as a reply to a previous post.

Once you send the post through quick reply, you will be directed to the confirmation page, just as full reply would.

You cannot make a post title in quick reply.  It will automatically add "Re:" in front of the previous post's title.

To quote a post, simply click the button, and you will be directed to the full reply page.  You may quote more than one person by pressing the button on each post you wish to quote.  Once the button is pressed, the border should turn blue to confirm: .  From there, you can press the  button, and type your reply with all of the selected posts quoted.  There is a maximum limit of 10 quoted posts.

There is no single or multi-quoting for quick reply.

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