Points/Reputation/Like System

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Points/Reputation/Like System

Post by TssCman123 on Sat Jun 15, 2013 10:11 pm

A user's reputation and points count is displayed in his/her profile and in his/her posts.

A user's reputation count shows how much that user has had his/her posts rated.

The only time a user's reputation count will raise, is if a post by that user has been liked (the user's reputation count will raise by 1 point).  The only time a user's reputation will lower, is if a post by that user has been disliked (the user's reputation count will lower by 1 point).  Liking or disliking your own posts does not affect your reputation.

A user can like or dislike a post by pressing the "+" or "-" on the very right side of a post:

Once at least one person has liked or disliked the post, the results bar will appear for the poster, and the user(s) who have liked or disliked the post.

This post has been liked, so it appears green.  If the post was disliked, it would appear red.  If the post was liked and disliked, the bar would show green and red.  If a post were to receive 3 likes, and 1 dislike, 3/4 of the bar would appear green, and 1/4 of the bar would appear red.

If you hover over the bar, a screentip will show with the number of votes, and the reputation of the individual post.

A user's points shows how much the user is participating in the community.

A user can never lose points.

Look at this table for when users gain points.

Points Gained
Topic Made3
Post Made1
Profile Post Gain1
Friend Gain3
Referring Activated Member10
Posting Accepted Suggestion/Valid Error Report5

The points for referring a friend and posting an accepted suggestion/valid error report are manually added to your profile by an administrator.  If you do not receive them within 48 hours, please send me a message.

Notice:  Administrators do not get points for posting announcements and rules.

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